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Adobe PDF Embed API - > ViewerAPI-> gotoLocation() not moving to the given page


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We used the PDF embed API to view the PDF on an angular page and used the gotLocation() method to move to a particuler page after PDF loaded. I used the below code as mentioned in the adobe Embed PDF API documentation. 

pdfFilePromise.then(adobeViewer => {
          console.log('file rendered')
          if (this.item.pageId) {
            console.log('opening page', this.item.pageId)
            adobeViewer.getAPIs().then((apis: any) => {
                .then((data) => {console.log("Page opening Success");
                   console.log(data) })
                .catch((error: any) => console.log('Page opening error', error));

The PDF loading successfully, but not going to the given page. Even I am getting "data" value as "true" in the then function of the gotoLocation() method and printing "Page opening Success" in console. But PDF is not moving the given page. Always showing the first page.


It works fine from last 3 months, but today it stopped suddenly. It stopped working in all environments even we deployed any thing from last 1 month.


Is there anything changed in the adobe side? 

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