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Adobe I/O Runtime: Node 14 Support Added



On 10th May, 2021, Adobe I/O Runtime has added support for Node 14 for JavaScript actions. Node 14 will be made default after June 10, 2021. For the next 90 days we will have pre-warm containers for both Node 14 and 12.

After 90 days, we will have pre-warm container only for Node 14. 

Action: Please update your actions if you are using this kind. If you do not update your actions after 90 days from today, your actions will not use the default version and If you do not update your actions within 90 days, your actions will not have access to pre-warm containers.


You can check the version running this command: 

aio runtime action get <ACTION NAME>
wsk action get <ACTION NAME>

If  you don’t see “kind”: “nodejs:14”, then you have to update your action.


Resources for Reference: 

Check this: https://git.corp.adobe.com/bladerunner/openwhisk-runtime-nodejs/ 

Public docs: https://github.com/AdobeDocs/adobeio-runtime/blob/master/resources/faq.md#supported-programming-lang...


Please feel free to reach out to us for any questions.

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