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ACS API for Deliveries to create Firefly app


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I'm trying to create a Firefly app to integrate with ACS API and meet below use cases though I'm unable to find relevant APIs. Please point to the relevant API details.

1. I want to fetch data (especially tracking data) about the deliveries like number of sent, delivered, bounced, opened, clicked messages, etc. and display that on the UI similar to dynamic reports in ACS. I'm unable to get any API related to Deliveries.

2. The above use case is similar to the use case mentioned in webinars around a workflow dashboard/ heat map in firefly (similar to ACC). Is there a reference implementation available for this? I'm trying to build that and I can find getWorkflow(workflowID) which will get a single workflow but nothing to fetch list of all the workflows


I have referred below documentation:






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Hi @shelly-goel -

1. The SDK `aio-lib-campaign-standard` is a node.js interface of all the API exposed by ACS - listed in the documentation you referred to. If there is a resource not exposed by the API, you can neither access it with the Node SDK. Have you tried the "custom resource" in ACS the the data you need?

2. We have a sample Firefly app as an ACS dashboard. It's not exactly the same as what you need, but could be a good reference. You may also find the below codelabs useful to get started.




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Thanks @duypnguyen for sharing the codelabs, really helpful to get started with ACS API based Firefly app.

1. The data I'm trying to fetch is in the oob resources like Delivery and Workflows resources. I'm able to fetch the data for "new" custom resources with the custom resources endpoint but not for "Extensions to existing resources".  Please suggest if "Resource Extension" data can be fetched with custom resources and how?

2. I'm trying to figure out how the below use case (mentioned in mostly all Project Firefly webinars) be built? Please suggest which API endpoints are used in this.

Nov 18, 2020 webinar https://my.adobeconnect.com/px0qhg2xnqtu?proto=true




Hi @shelly-goel - good to hear that you found the codelab useful.

1. I don't know much about ACS to answer this. Please try this question in the ACS support forum: https://experienceleaguecommunities.adobe.com/t5/adobe-campaign-standard/ct-p/adobe-campaign-standar...

2. In the mentioned use case, when a workflow is created and run (e.g. with an "External API" step that calls the web URL of the Firefly app), its workflow ID is persisted using aio-lib-state. You can then load the workflow from this persistence, control it or trigger a signal activity. This is particularly useful if you want your workflow to send ACS profile data to an external system and parse the data returned from the 3rd party system for further workflow processing in ACS.

Sorry if the use case description is confusing to you. I will work with the team to update it in a clearer way.