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What would affect the number after an activity in workflow


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I am working on Adobe Campaign V6 to write a connector to extend my own delivery channel.

I can add my own delivery channel to a workflow, and send to subscription correctly.

But the number after my "WeChat delivery" is "0 - Ok". The next is a screen shot.


The send status is the follow, success number is 5.


So I think the correct number after "WeChat delivery" should be "5-OK".

Would you like to tell me what affect the completed number after an activity?

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Could you check the properties of the activity? I'm not sure about your custom channel, but in regular activities you can manage the content of outbound transition. For example:

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 17.39.45.png

If I'm correct, the outbound transition of a delivery activity will either be empty (contain no data) or will contain the same data as the inbound activity (in your case 37).