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Use of DefaultFolder ('nmsFolder') function


Level 2

<srcSchema _cs="Test Agents (onem)" created=" " createdBy-id="0"

entitySchema="xtk:srcSchema" img="" label="Test Agents"

labelSingular="Test Agent" lastModified=" "

mappingType="sql" md5="" modifiedBy-id="0"

name="testAgent" namespace="onem" xtkschema="xtk:srcSchema">

          <element autopk="true" img=""

                         label="Test Agents" labelSingular="Test Agent" name="testAgent"


          <attribute desc="Technical Key For Agent" label="Technical Key For Agent" length="255"

               name="technicalKeyAgent" type="string"/>

          <attribute desc="Advisor No." label="Advisor No." length="255" name="advisorNo"


          <attribute desc="Test Agent Location" label="Test Agent Location" length="255"

               name="testAgentLocation" type="string"/>

                    <element defOnDuplicate="true" default="DefaultFolder('nmsFolder')"

                              label="Folder" name="folder" revDesc="Insurance Agents included in this folder"

                         revIntegrity="define" revLabel="Insurance Agents" target="xtk:folder"



     <createdBy _cs=""/>

     <modifiedBy _cs=""/>


Hi, in the above mentioned schema what should be the value of 'nmsFolder' for the DefaultFolder function above (marked in red) . Should it be the internal name of the folder present in the xtk:Folder or should it be its primary key? Please let me know soon.

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Level 10


Sorry I must have missed your question. It should be the internal name of the folder.