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Update profile using landing page


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We are trying to create a landing page (for internal use only) that allows us to directly change (add or update) an email address stored in an excising Adobe campaign profile. There are certain requirements:

  • Unidentified visitors need to be identified
  • We lookup the profile using the client number
  • This service is only available for internal use

It seems that this function is not available out of the box in campaign standard. Currently landing pages allow us to make changes to subscriptions, the blacklist list, and the creation of a new profile using the acquisition landing page.


Any suggestions?

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That looks feasible to me. Can you confirm that the client number is stored in Campaign?

What do you mean by "service only available for internal use"?

In this page: Adobe Campaign Help | Designing a landing page​, there is a parameter called "Authorize visitor identification via URL parameters"

With this, you should be able to have your visitor reconciliated with profiles using the client number as parameter in the URL. For security reasons, parameters in the URL must be encrypted.

The types of landing pages you mention are simply predefined templates that you can duplicate and modify to match your requirements. Most behaviours are configurable.



Level 2

Hi Florent,

I have a couple of questions on this since the documentation doesn't really explain anything about this. And i'm really trying a long time already to achieve this


How should the parameters be interpreted:

Loading key: Here we can select OOB loading keys and customer loading keys. Is it correct that these correspond to the filters set in Customer resources?

Parameter mapping

Filter parameter: Is this the "ID" under the tab "parameters" which is used when you open a filter in customer resources? If not, which parameter should be filled in here? Is this a path or just a parameter? Do you have examples?

URL parameter: Should this be the parameter which is used in the URL? I.e. the bold part www.domain.com/index.html?id=123456


I need to put in a AES key, so ACS can decrypt the value in de querystring. But It's very important to know what encryption parameters from AES are used. I.e

  • PBKDF2?
  • What is the mode (ECB,CBC,CFB, COB)?
  • Can the key be Hexademical?
  • How many bit (128, 192,256)?
  • HMAC SHA1?
  • MD5?