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Typology - javascript/preTarget removing records


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I have a delivery where 600+ records are being passed through to the delivery, yet only 361 records are being considered for delivery. The lost records appear to be being removed before the default typology rules are being applied. These lost records are not present in any exclusion log like other records removed by typology rules. The only place this action can be seen is in the delivery audit log.

I'm unsure what the (step: javascript/preTarget) actually refers to. I cannot see anything in the default typology rules or delivery properties which would cause this.


This appears to be a persistent issue across several campaigns. Insight would be appreciated!

Vipul Raghav


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Hi Alistair,

Are you using additional data or targetData inside your workflow where it shows 600 records going into the delivery?

If yes, then open the data inside the transition that feeds data to delivery.

configure list and remove all additional data columns, only the targeting dimension should be left, see the count now


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Hi Vipul,

Thanks for the response. The data in the workflow doesn't reference any tables or data outside of the targeting dimension. Following your instructions I still have the 600+ records available which were going into the delivery before.



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can you please post a screen shot of the workflow? from the first query block to the delivey.


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Hi Alistair,

How are you doing?

Is the platform using the Campaign Optimisation module?



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Hi Dan,

Hope you and your projects are all good?

Campaign optimisation isn't being used. However I think I've narrowed it down to the target mapping being used. The dimension of the delivery is based on a custom table and it seems that due to the timings of various data loads that there is often not a corresponding recipient record at the time of the data selection and delivery. It should be able to be fixed by a more rigorous query at the start of the campaign to ensure that all data coming from the custom table has a matching recipient record.

The lower amount of records wasn't an issue, the problem was based around expectations where the workflow says X records but delivery says Y records. Now both workflow and delivery should say Y records (pending further test results ). Things weren't helped by Adobe's cryptic audit log as to why records were being removed prior to any typology rules being applied.


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Hi Alistair,

Apologies for late reply. I was busy with my project.

Cause: seems like you already fund your problem but There are two more possibilities, one you are not deduplicating your records before the send out, send out is base on the unique ids of your target Schema.

Second, you have a typology rule which is applied, but there is no label or logs generated for that rule.

Solution: Can you create a view of typology rules and enable one rule at a time for testing and that way you can find the rule impacting your standouts. I am pretty sure this will help you narrow down your process.