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We are excited to introduce our latest innovation to enhance the Adobe Campaign user experience — the Adobe Campaign v8 Web User Interface!

Try the new Creative Designer for Email on Campaign Standard and share your feedback


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Campaign Standard users,

Last week, Adobe started deploying the 18.3 release for Adobe Campaign Standard. With this release comes the possibility for all of you to try out the new Creative Designer for Email as part of our open beta program.

It offers a fully integrated creation experience in Campaign, enabling the quick and effortless visual creation of captivating, individually personalized emails without the need to script a single line of code. Through its powerful drag and drop interface, the Creative Designer helps scale email creation whether users start from a blank slate, or leverage existing content Fragments or templates.

A dedicated forum space has been created especially for this feature: Creative Designer for Email Beta

Please use this space to learn the key resources and get started with the Designer, as well as to provide your feedback, questions and ideas to make this exciting feature even better.

Also, here is a quick overview video of the editor:


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Level 2

Hi florentlb

At the moment, we can not open the old emails (existing ones) with the old default editor to edit the email anymore. Instead, the new creative design is set as default even we did not use this creative design when we created the emails.

Additionally, all emails that were created by the default editor have lost the banner on the top which causes a really bad performance for our campaigns (the banner does not show up anymore as the link is access denied - don't know why as it still worked well several days ago.)

We did try to update the banner but somehow it does not work (please see attachment).

Do you have any idea on how to fix this banner issue (we have quite a lot of emails sending out for several campaigns for now)? We also prefer to use the default editor than the creative designer. Is there any way to open existing emails in default editor?paf3.PNG


Level 6

There has been various issues with images due to the latest release of Campaign Standard. If you are still experiencing these, create a support ticket and the TechOps team should be able to resolve for you.

Regarding the creative designer. I am in the same position. We prefer the old editor, and this can still be accessed by clicking on 'Use the default editor' on the delivery summary page.


Level 3

One area that I reported on a support ticket is that when you have a large number (our org has 220) of services listed on your instance, you cannot select anything past the 50/50 services shown.

There is no search function, as there was in the default editor, to select the services you are looking for either.

Hopefully, this will be resolved soon so we can use the creative editor without relying on the legacy "default" editor.