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Push message logs


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Is it possible to see the exact push that was sent out? Payload for example?
Is there something similar to pushes like we have archiving for emails where it sends the email as bcc?

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Hi raultorga

The only visible information is within the RT or Message Center Server.

Associated details could be tried fetching using an API Call.




You could check on associated event data under Marketing Plans -> Transactional messages -> Event configuration, on the left hand side, you will notice 'Resource Preview'.

This maintains a copy of the data and metadata.


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@ Garima Gakhar

I also have a similar question regarding the event context data in ACS. Please refer ACS transactional message event context data for more details.

As you suggested to check the event data in under the Resource preview (data), does it contains all historical data or just last n days records or # number of rows?

Do you know if the same information (event data) can be queried through the workflow?

Your suggestion would be highly appreciated. Thank you!!


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Hi Rajdeep,

I hope to have helped you with your issue on your original post:

ACS transactional message event context data


All the best,



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Hi Garima,


We are not able to see data and metadata for the event can you please share a screenshot if available.