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Outrageous Opt-out and Mirror Unique clicks


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some months now we have seen an outrageous number of unique clicks on our Mirror and Optout labels. Further investigating this issue we have seen that these come from ESPs that use several security tools that seem to duplicate the click and create a new UUID for it, artificially increasing our unique click results.

We have worked extensively with the Adobe support, but they haven't been able to give us a way to reduce this distortion that deals with the root of the problem.

Have any of you suffered a similar problem? how have you dealt with it?


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Hello csanchezx​,

Very interesting finding

Are the created duplicates attached to the same reciepient or rather unknown?

Have you:

  • deduplicated them by same recipient and timestamp?
  • deleted all opt-out clicks with unknown recipient?

You can set up technical workflow to purge records like this from the tracking log.



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Hi César,

Have you any update on this? Have you tried what Marcel suggested?

Let us know,