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Is there a way to customize the fields shown in a query object?


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The picture below is of a filtering object within a workflow. In the left-rail, there are some OOTB fields shown under the Profile section. Is there a way to customize this to include fields from an extended recipient's schema?


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Hi, Can you please explain why do you want that? Maybe you can use enrichment to get more detail from other tables?

If you are sure that you can not get it in your workflow. You have to extend the profile to get your desired column in profile.

Adobe Campaign Help | Step 1: Extend the profile resource




Level 3

Users who are not used to the tool are curious if it was possible to add fields from an extended schema here. As they are new, they were hoping to avoid as many steps as possible, even if its just the 1-2 steps needed to drag the profiles attributes into the filter and select the field from the drop-down.

I think a good use-case for anyone, though, would be a common field that is unique to a client and not OOTB with ACS. If it is common for the client it would be nice to add to the left under the Profile attributes listing.

Also, I have already extended the profile resource and your link is specific to the details page. My question was specific to that left-rail for filtering objects. It's not a big deal if it can't be done, but I wasn't able to find a way. So, I figured i'd ask here if it was possible.