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Input Zone Issue with AC Reports


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I am trying to create a custom KPI performance report to allow marketing managers to enter a specific campaign code and to have the report displayed for that campaign code.

I have watched the Adobe How-to videos for this and am still running into issues.

In the report, the campaign code is my ‘group by’ with the KPIs attached to it in the report.

My issue is allowing the user to enter the campaign code and only get results attributed to that campaign code.

I can get the over-all report to display as expected, but it is displaying for all campaigns. I run into problems with adding the Input Zone (https://helpx.adobe.com/campaign/classic/how-to/provide-an-input-zone-to-populate-variable-in-acv6.h...)

I have tried this two ways using the number box as the input zone.

Storage Filter.jpg

  1. Using the number box, I specify the storage option of ‘Filter Entities’ and specify the database field for the campaign code. When I test this, the report still returns results for all campaign codes. 
  2. Following what is shown in the training video linked above, I have also tried using the option of ‘a variable’ as my input zone. When I test this, the report errors out with: XTK-170018 Parameter of query 'vars/[CRM_Campaign_Code]' is not defined in current context. XTK-170006 Unable to parse expression '$(vars/[CRM_Campaign_Code]) != '''.

I must be missing something obvious. Given that the general report displays as expected, but only has issues once I try to filter the report to a specific campaign I believe the problem is with how I configured the input zone.

I appreciate any help with this.

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I was able to resolve this.

The error from using a variable was the needing to correctly identify the carriable itself, based on the data type. So adding ToString() allowed this to work. So it looks like this: ToString($([vars/CRM_Campaign_Code]))

11-1-2018 4-07-02 PM.jpg