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Inbound interaction not working


Level 4

I am making a call from the html in my local machine and it is working when the interactionTaget is the primary key of my tatrgeting dimension. But the moment I am changing it to another column (customerId for my case), it is not working any more (published the offer space and offers with the same key in the advanced criteria).

Could anyone please assist what I am missing here.Vipul Raghavflorentlb

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Community Advisor

Hi Supratim,

Are you using ACS or ACC?




Level 4

I guess the &t parameter is being used for identification of a known contact. When i am passing this parameter anything other than primary key of the targeting dimension (recipient), there is no error in page, but 2nd internal js call to interaction method (which is responsible for including the header in my page to show rendering function) is coming as empty.

Should the parameter be something other than &t ? what are the permissible parametrs, I can see &t, &th, &gctx are available? What should be my parameter for anything other than primary key?