How to implement DKIM and DMARC record in Adobe Campaign?



We have hybrid setup with MidSource and RT server hosted by Adobe(sub-domain delegation is already complete) . What's the way to implement DKIM and DMARC record in Campaign?

For a hybrid setup do we have to create support ticket? If yes, what are the steps that needs to be completed on marketing instance?

If not, then could you please elaborate on how to achieve this?

The link below from return path explains about creating DKIM but not sure how to implement this in Adobe campaign:


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Accepted Solutions (1)





When Adobe configures mid-sourcing/domain delegation then they would have configured your DKIM keys if not your mid sourcing is not properly commissioned. Ask neolane support to fix it for you.

As part of domain delegation, adobe deliverability tea should configure below for your account

  • Implementation of an SPF record (Soft fail) allowing email signatures
  • Implementation of a DKIM record (Key in 1024b) allowing email signatures
  • Implementation of a DMARC record allowing email signatures

There is no action item on your behalf for DKIM key as this is a part of header information added by mid sourcing to your delivery and the domain you are using as sender domain i.e. etc



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