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How can I capture broadLogRcp primary key and the corresponding input row data,after the delivery.


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In my case, I have one table where there is a primary key called quoteId and one email column(emails can be duplicate for many quoteId) and one recipientId as foreign key. while importing this in Recipient table email Id is kept unique(since I don't want duplicate email id in recipient table). While sending deliveries to all quoteId, I take all quoteId from that table and then apply change targeting dimension to Recipient(Since its mandatory to send deliveries). But after the delivery when I see the broadLogRcp table I don't get the quoteId wise Data. So I want to map the BroadlogRcp primary key to quoteID right after the delivery is sent in workflow itself But I don't know how to do this,Please Suggest?Adobe Campaign StandardCampaign Standard - QuestionsAmy_WongWoojinDebbieclawsonmghalpinjwarrenJochem van DietenMarilynlee17theblairazilaga

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