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Deliveries and queries getting stuck


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We are having an occasional issue whereby queries and deliveries get stuck. They are permanently flashing blue and as they are not failing we do not get an error alert. The 'stuck' delivery uses a recurring delivery. I believe this is getting stuck due to network errors, as shown in logs below.


We have a script that automatically restarts a workflow when it fails (below). However, is there any way to adapt the below to target 'stuck' workflows? If due to network error, then perhaps a timer on a delivery would be a solution?

var cnx = application.getConnection()

// Pull HTML Content of an email

var stmt = cnx.query("SELECT iFailed " +

                     "FROM XtkWorkflow " +

                     "WHERE sInternalName = 'Retrieve_Data_from_Salesforce'")

for each(var row in stmt)


var Status = row[0]

if ( Status == 1 )







Please let me know if you need any further information.

Many thanks,


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Hi Rob,

Is your instance hosted by Adobe? If so, I'd recommend contacting our support team.

If hosted by your company, I'd suggest checking with the department in charge of the network or your Adobe Campaign installation. (Double-checking with support could be useful as well).

Do you encounter this in specific cases only or does this happen every time?

Let me know,