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Custom Target Mapping


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I have a scenario where I have extended the Delivery Schema(nms:broadLogRcp) to add a custom field(Say CommID) and also extended the profile schema to add a field with same name.


On email delivery i want the value of this commID to flow from Profile to broadLog. For that i created a custom target mapping. In the mapping under Storage I have added a field mapping. 



Destination: [delivery/@cusCommID]

Source: [@cusCommID]


And to achieve that I modified the email delivery template to have target mapping set as the 'newCustomTargetMapping'.


But i am getting an error that says:

WDB-200001 SQL statement 'INSERT INTO wkDlv_2903596T (iProfileId, tsEvent, sTargetCode, sVariant, iDeliveryId, iFcp, iInboxRendering, iTargetDataId, sCusCommID, sAddress, dMessageWeight) SELECT COALESCE(N1.iRecipientId , 0), TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE '2019-12-31 06:44:44.142-05', E'__MAIN__', NULL, 2903596, 0, 0, W0.iTargetDataId, N1.sCusCommID, N1.sEmail, 5 FROM wkf2903080_2_1_ALL W0, NmsRecipient N1 WHERE (N1.iRecipientId = W0.iId)' could not be executed.
PGS-220000 PostgreSQL error: ERROR: column "scuscommid" of relation "wkdlv_2903596t" does not exist LINE 1: ...DeliveryId, iFcp, iInboxRendering, iTargetDataId, sCusCommID...





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