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Adobe campaign show delivery as success to particular recipients but was not delivered to the email (not reached in his email inbox)? What are the probable reasons behind it and how to resolve it?


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This depends upon load on the server. In this case request is to check monitoring logs and check on the status of deliveries from the same. If the same is delivered it corresponds to delivered and wait for some time to check on the change to status in the deliveries.

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Hi Gaurang,

I'll explain to you how the email sending works.

When our MTA gets an email, it goes to the MX server of target domain, informing them of the new email to be delivered.

The MX server accepts the email and then gives us an acknowledgement as success or failure with the response code.

It is this status which gets reflected in your delivery logs.

It is also the point till which Campaign has control. Beyond this point we cannot ensure deliverability.

One of the following things happened in yoru case.

1. Check if the email has landed in SPAM/JUNK folder as we normally wait for emails in inbox, while they are hidden in SPAM. If this is the case, fix the reason why it is going in SPAM. Check the content of your delivery.

2. If point 1 is not relevant, then a Sent status means MX server accepted the email and told us that it has been delivered. However, the same didn't reach the inbox because of internal company policies like spam checks, rule filtering etc.

For point 2, the MX team of the target domain needs to be contacted to fix the problem.





This happened to me once. Emails were not in the respective inbox though the delivery status says 'SENT'. I have then white listed the domain and it worked.

  • Go to Administration > Campaign Management Non Deliverables Management > Mail rule sets > Domain Management
  • Add your domain (xyz.com/gmail.com) and ask Adobe support team to restart the MTA to finish the whitelisting process.
  • You should then be receiving the emails in the inbox.


Please let me know, if this worked.


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I am trying to send the email to xxx@gmail.com.

gmail is already whitelisted in the default list as well, but still the email is not coming. although the statuus of the delivery is finished.