Adobe Campaign - error in 2-way SMS automatic reply




We have a problem with automatic replies in 2-way SMS functionality. When a recipient replies back to a SMS message, Adobe Campaign sends automatic reply back to the recipient with text content “Loading…”.

We would like to change this text content in the automatic reply to e.g. “Thanks for your answer”, but we don’t know how it can be changed. Can you help us in this problem?

Details of External account for 2-way SMS sending are:

type: Generic

activation mode: Call JavaScript (we use javascript code in connecting to our sms operator)

Background information that has lead to this problem:

Text content of automatic replies were successfully configured and working OK earlier in our 6.0 Adobe Campaign premium environment. In last week, when we upgraded our environment to 6.11, this problem occurred. Therefore, from our point of view it seems that automatic replies are configured differently in 6.0 than in 6.1 Adobe Campaign. In the 6.0 environment, the text configuration was done in Global dictionary -> System dictionary.  But the same configuration does not work in 6.1, it seems.

Steps to reproduce the problem:

  1. send a SMS message to a recipient X from Adobe Campaign
  2. Recipient X replies back to this message using eg. keyword “YES”
  3. Adobe Campaign send automatic reply back to Recipient X with text content “Loading…”

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Hi Sami,

Which build have you upgraded to?

Have you logged a ticket on the support portal?

If you have upgraded to a recent build, you can find the latest documentation here: Mobile channel

Let me know how it goes,





Hi Samith,

I am new to adobe campaign,Can you please help how to configure in Javascript  in connecting to the SMS vendor.


Somasekhar Y