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[ACS] Proofing on seedMembers


Level 4

Hello team,

I would like test my transactionnal profile events that I created with test profiles (seed members).

In my message i'm using these kind of personalization fields:

profile>cusIdCRM (custom field) ==> level 1

profile>userCrmLink>Firstname (link to a new custom table) ==> level 2


I'm able to extend my test profiles dimension to add all of my profile custom fields but when i'm trying to proof on these seedmembers, my delivery is not able to request userCRM informations to personalize my message.

I suppose that's because I don't have this link (which exist in profile dimension) with userCRM in my test profile dimension.


So, to do some tests, I'm using POSTMAN on real profile that i've created, and everything is working...

But it's not possible for me to explain to the basic users that they must create a real "fake" profile, then use POSTMAN, , et launch one call for each test...

I hope that i'm clear in my explanations.

At the end, I just want to have test profiles for my delivery, and personnalize my message exactly how i'm doing it with profile dimension, and using my custom fields and custom links.

Do you have an idea to suggest ?

Best regards,

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Level 10

Hi Alexandre,

As in v6, there might be some limitations when testing custom/target data fields with test profiles. I'll double check with the product team if there are ways around this.