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Hi all,

in 20.3 new release, I found this point:
Files downloaded with a Transfer File activity will now be deleted after X days, where X is determined by the History in days field under the Execution menu in the Workflow properties.


I don't understand if this means that the files will be deleted after X days from External Systems (SFTP, Azure Blob, ...) or just from the temporary tables of Campaign.



ACS Adobe Campaign Standard history in days transfer file

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hello @LiviaD1 ,

As per the change log, which ever file is being pulled by the File transfer Activity. Only that file will be deleted after x days.


For Example. If you are picking a file from SFTP and copying it on your instance then once that file is consumed for your purpose. Then that file will be deleted after X days.


Let me know if that helps.

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