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Workflow HeatMap



Campaign Workflow HeatMap consists in a color-coded graphical representation of all the workflows that are currently running. It is only available to Campaign Administrators. By providing a quick overview on the number of concurrent workflows, the Workflow HeatMap enables the Adobe Campaign platform administrators to monitor the load on the instance and plan workflows accordingly.

The Workflow Heatmap report documentation has been updated and improved with more details. Check it out here: Workflow HeatMap


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Sukrity Wadhwa
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This feature is very usefull and I love it.

It came since last year and it's a powerful tool to help scheduling and optimize the load of the server.


Unfortunately, I tried to use it this afternoon, and on an very solicited instance, if there is too much workflowTask created for the day, the page cannot display the informations (an error occured, saying the result of the queryDef cannot be processed). We can display the heatmap in the morning, but not anymore at a certain moment in the afternoon, and not for previous days.

But It may have been changed and maybe a build upgrade correct this ? We will see (the instance have to be upgraded soon

Anyway, it's a very cool tool !

Thanks @Sukrity_Wadhwa for sharing this.




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Hi @CedricRey , we are using build version 9032 and facing the same error sometimes that you have mentioned [an error occurred, saying the result of the queryDef cannot be processed]. Did this issue resolve for you once your instance got upgraded?