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[Video Tutorial] Continuous delivery & recurring delivery



Continuous delivery
The continuous delivery lets you add new recipients to an existing delivery and avoids you having to create a new delivery each time a new recipient is added. You can update the creative directly in the campaign workflow and it will update the template in the delivery template Resource folder.
A continuous delivery will create a SINGLE delivery and delivery logs (broadLog) and tracking logs that reference that one delivery are added each time it executes.

This how-to video shows how to configure a continuous delivery with an incremental query: How to set up a continuous delivery


Recurring delivery
A recurring delivery will create a new delivery instance each time it executes. For example, if the workflow is scheduled to run once a week, that would result in 52 Deliveries after one year. This also means that the broad log and tracking logs will be separated by each delivery instance.

This how-to video explains how to configure a recurring delivery and a scheduler activity: How to set up recurring delivery


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