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URL Tracking Parameters


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Hello everyone,

I have a question about ACS Tracking.

On every click that i'm doing on my emails, I have a deliveryName parameter added in my final URL :


Rhere is my HTML link:


On my email, this is the link transformed (by the tracking formula) :


That's ok because I have a classic formula NmsTracking_ClickFormula !

The thing that I don't understand, it is why I have this deliveryName parameter which I never called on my tracking process ? If my formula were modified by myself, that could be ok, but it's not the case

If you can help me to delete this parameter, that could be great

Thanks a lot !


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Level 10

Hi Alexandre,

Not sure about this without seeing the script. But one of these two documentations should help:

How to track personalized links in emails

Creating web tracking tags

I hope these helps!

All the best,



Level 3

Hello pablo,

Thanks for your return,

I'm using Adobe Campaign since more than 8 years, I already parsed all this documentation

That does not explain why we have a parameter "deliveryName" added in the URL of our links.

It's only on ACS, and I would like to know how to delete it



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Had the same experience, and i think it's a reaction of enabling "Share KPIs with Adobe Analytics" external account in ACS