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Support of Emoticons


You can now easily insert emoticons in the message body as well as the email subject line when designing a message in Campaign using a dedicated button. This functionality also allows you to customize the list of available emoticons in the interface.
For more information about adding emoticons, refer to the detailed documentation here: Customizing the emoticon list
And, to check what all emoticons are available for email and push, how to customize the emoticon list, refer to this documentation: Inserting emoticons in an email
For any questions, please feel free to reach out through the below reply & comment section.

Sukrity Wadhwa
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Hello @Sukrity_Wadhwa ,


Can you, please, let me know if there are any potential risks in terms of deliverability when using emoticons in subject line?

Thank you!


Level 3

Most ISPs are putting more weight on user actions and specially, negative user actions like complaints. Using an emoji in your subject line alone would not put emails in the spam folder. It's possible that it may be slightly factored into an overall score for some algorithms but for the major ISP it would have no impact.