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SMS messages to be converted to email for archiving


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Use case: We need to archive all email/sms communications in our Enterprise vault in an email format. We have that capability within the email delivery template, where we can check a box for Archive. But I didn't see any OOTB functionality to convert a sent SMS into an email format and also how do I archive it after it has been converted?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Use a periodic workflow to copy nms:broadlogrcp into a csv file and email/sftp it to the archiving server.

The csv can contain recipient phone number and, if written for a specific use case, materialized message content.

In general it can contain the non-materialized content separate from the recipient csv.




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You can export this info from nmsbroadlogrcp the since the numbers are asociated to clients and clients have emails you should get all the info you need and export it when you need it.


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The workaround I created:

Archive email delivery template

Personalized blocks for each SMS content template

Add the personalized block to Archive template

Enable checkbox to archive.

the above seems to meet the requirement. Thanks everyone!