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Should We Start Adobe Community Meetup in London?


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Can you create a Poll in Adobe campaign community for this topic, This will help us understand if we have enough interest for Adobe Community London Meetup.

With the beginning of 2019, Experience League Community is rolling out our fresh set of meetups for various locations but there is nothing in London. What i am planning, I will take care of the logistics(Hosting for event can happen in Photo Box/Adobe premises) and we can choose Few topic every month to go over and present the idea?

Meetup agenda will cover following:

1. Best Innovation or Idea of the Month

2. Biggest blocker/problem that needs to be solved?

3. Email Marketing Best Practices, Deliverability tips, Interactive emails and Live Demos.

We can ask for sponsorship from Adobe partners if Adobe is not willing to spend any money for the event so Money will not a concern.

Thoughts guys?

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