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same IP or computer name for application as well as tracking server


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Recently i have installed server and being new to adobe campaign i preferred standalone deployment in AWS windows 2012 R2 (computer name : WIN_2FTXxxx)

while configuring client console i have given application server as: http://WIN_2FTXxxx:8080 and successfully connected.

but how to give URL for tracking server or should I have to make the same IP for public and private and public ip should use for tracking url.

Is there any step by step guide for adobe campaign classic installation will really helpful.

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You want to configure IIS as a reverse proxy for your app server, and also to host the tracking interface which is an IIS module:

The product doc is mostly complete for Windows, only missing some edge cases around db logins with service accounts and NTLM encryption. I've written a couple Windows installation guides, though they're internal use, fwiw.



it would be really great if you will share some guiding document for windows installation as i am not a windows server admin and these terms look little tough for me.

please share any helpful insight.


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Product doc was linked in above comment. The guides I no longer have, but they were just imperative versions of the product doc really, with extras for edge cases.