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S3 File Transfer - No File Found - ACC to AAM


Level 5

We are integrating ACC with AAM through core services. Everything (meaning server configuration) "looks" good but when I run the imporSharedAudiences workflow errors out on "No file to transfer found".

Im trying to figure out what to trouble shoot next. It seems like the workflow is fine. What would the conditions need to be for a file to be present? Is there another way I can check for the file?

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Employee Advisor

Hi David,

I'd recommend in this case submitting a ticket to Campaign Support as we'll need to review your environment and items such as the external account setup and the AAM side along with confirming the credentials being used in the integration.




Level 5

Updated -

I've played with the URL path for our bucket, and now I am getting this error.

CRL-290151 HTTP response received from S3 403.

Any thoughts on how to get past this one? Or is this a support issue?