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[Release Update] Release 20.2.1 - Build 9180_July 2020



Release 20.2.1 - Build 9180

Find the detailed release information here: Latest Release
Here is what's new in the latest July 2020 release of Adobe Campaign Classic -
  • Fixed an issue which prevented tracking from working when the signature feature was disabled or when using an old marketing instance with a recent Mid. (NEO-26411)
  • Fixed an issue which led to unsigned links from personalized domains being blocked when they should be allowed. (NEO-25210)
  • Fixed an issue which could prevent you from opening/clicking tracking URLs when using certain legacy versions of Outlook. (NEO-25688)
  • Fixed an issue which led to mirror page URLs being incorrectly defined in email deliveries. (NEO-26084)
  • Fixed an issue with encoding URL management in the anti-phishing service. (NEO-25283)
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the tracking of URLs using fragments in personalization parameters (anchor tags with pound-sign) from working. (NEO-25774)
  • Fixed a tracking issue when using specific custom tracking formulas. (NEO-25277) Fixed an issue which prevented the tracking of "notification clicks" from working (iOS and Android push notifications). (NEO-25965)
  • Fixed a regression impacting calculated fields in a workflow. (NEO-25194)
  • Fixed a regression which prevented the on-the-fly creation of web tracking URLs from working. (NEO-20999)
  • Fixed an issue with out-of-the-box delivery reports which appeared truncated when exported to PDF. (NEO-25757)
  • Fixed a crash issue in the deployment wizard.
  • Fixed an issue which could prevent the Offer notification workflow from properly working after a postupgrade.
  • The iOS HTTP2 connector has been improved (third-party updates and error management). (NEO-25904, NEO-25903)
  • The jarsToSkip list in catalina.properties has been updated to remove the reference to a jar file that was no longer used (iOS notifications).
  • Fixed an issue blocking delivery preparation after postupgrade.
  • Following the switch to the new sequence ID mechanism , all web applications that are updating the recipient table are republished during postupgrade.
  • Fixed a potential XSS vulnerability in delivery content. (NEO-17987, NEO-26073)

Sukrity Wadhwa
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Release 20.2.1 - Build 9180 AND gold standard  9032.10 same?



9032.10 is gold standard and thats what you should target to update for. 


9180 is not stable build. 



Hi @amritakedia_epsilon,


This post contains the latest release notes for Adobe Campaign Classic. 

In case you are interested in the latest release notes for Gold Standard, then please check here: Gold Standard release


Sukrity Wadhwa