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Page Numbers in web forms


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Hello Everyone,

We have created a webform which loads the customer´s name and information on the webpage.

It can only show a specific number of records in one page. I wanted to find how the pagination (page numbers) be applied so that each page displays next number of records.



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Hi Kapil

I assume you looking for a feature like shown below :


I doubt if we have out of the box option to include pagination features to various pages within a web-application or an online survey.

However, in order to achieve what I have shown above, you would need to create a link structure manually in the source code of each page and include below parameters to the anchor(a) tag :

1. target="_self" data-nl-type="action" data-nl-action="previous" : To take user to the previous page on click.

2. target="_self" data-nl-type="action" data-nl-action="next" data-nl-transition="next" : To take user to next page on click.

See the example source code below :


NOTE : The above code/example is for demonstration purpose only. You will need to customize the source code per your requirement.

Please let me know in case this helps.

Kind Regards
Anshul Sharma


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Hi Anshul,

Thanks for your response.

Actually we want to display the customer names and phone numbers in the page. The number of customer can be very high and can be changing hence it would not be possible to define the number of pages.

Is there any way to put the page numbers dynamically so that it shows 100-200 (May be) records and as soon as anyone clicks on ¨Next¨ or the specific page number it shows the next set of records (100 or 200).