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How to set conditions for a delivery(nurture campaign) which is not sent yet?


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Hello everyone,

we are trying to build a nurture campaign where we will send an email to a LIST and based on the activity by the user on the first email, the following emails will be sent. The issue is we have a split activity where some conditions are set like

  • first email opened
  • first email not opened

The challenge is, since the delivery is in the same workflow and is not triggered/started yet, it is not available in the split and further conditions can't be set based on probable user activity.

The draft workflow is


Please help how this can be achieved.

Vipul RaghavAmit_KumarAdhiyan

Kind regards,


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Step 1: assign a unique delivery code to the first email and your campign PK

Step 2: choose following settings in the split


Step 3: Using following query get all clicker using Delivery code and Campaign PK


Step 4: Using following query get all openers using Delivery code and Campaign PK


Step 5: Final split will look like this



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Thank you Amit for replying. I ll try your solution.


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it seems like you arer trying to do some sort of A/B testing

Kind regards,



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Hi Pierre,

thank you so much for replying. This is very helpful.