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DLV-490114 Cannot create the folder used to store


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I'm trying to send a test delivery and I'm getting the following errors when doing the Analysis:

DLV-490114 Cannot create the folder used to store deliveries on the mid-sourcing server ('/Administration/Administration/Production/Message Center/Default/Deliveries/'). Please check that the rights of the mid-sourcing operator used on this server.

DLV-490078 Error while submitting delivery to the mid-sourcing server.

The mid-sourcing operator does have READ/WRITE rights on that folder, so I am not sure why I'm getting this error.

This is a Campaign Classic stand-alone setup. All processes run in the same box (Linux). I have all the processes running.

I am trying to set up email delivery only for the Workflow Notifications. The client will not be using the tool to send deliveries, they're just using it to do segmentation and generate flat files. However, my understanding is that I still need to set up the MTA process and indicate an SMTP relay address (which I did).

I set up the Mid-Sourcing External account with the server URL and an Adobe account: (the Test the connection test is successful)




Version: nlserver6-v7-8984 (both Server & Client)

Has anyone seen this error before?  I would really appreciate any help regarding this issue.  Thank you in advance for your time.


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Midsourcing.. for standalone?