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Daily ISP limit monitoring


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I understand that countries like China have daily email send limits for specific ISPs.

I am working in a hybrid AC environment with mid-source servers hosted in Adobe cloud and would like to know if there is a way to alert campaign operators to stop executing deliveries which may cross this defined limit for the day.

Option i could think of using is to check the count of emails(for specific domain) in current delivery against total number of emails sent out for that domain for the day till then from broadlog data, however, this creates a dependency on broadlog data refresh(which can have minimal delay due to the data download from mid-source to on-prem database). The other issue i can foresee is when executing multiple deliveries in parallel at the same time, this check may not be accurate.

Request forum to share any inputs to address this requirement.

Thanks in advance!

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Per-domain hourly sending rate throttles can be set under Administration/Campaign Management/Non deliverables Management/Mail rule sets/MX management. For hybrid this would be something Adobe Tech Ops would have to set on their instance.



Hello Jon

Thanks for the reply.

I understand that this setting controls hourly send rate per domain, however, i would like to know if there is any such daily setting using which we can alert or stop delivery execution.