Campaign Classic 6.11 webApps: includes for footers and analytics



Hi All,

Doing a cleanup of all the webApps we've accumulated over the years, and want to create centrally manged snippets for Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics and a common footer, which I need for GDPR compliance (yay!).

I thought I would just dump the footer codes into personalization blocks and use them, but that throws an error.

NOTE: I am not a developer...but can usually cobble stuff together...with help!

Note that we are STILL not on DTM, so I need to use the old ways of embedding Adobe Analytics scripts on pages...won't have access to DTM until October.

Analytics scripts....totally standard and work when I embed them into the webApp directly....put the code into  personalization blocks and referenced them this way:

<%@ include view='wtrsWebAppAAformLoad' %>

<%@ include view='wtrsWebAppAAformSubmit' %>

<%@ include view='wtrsWebAppGAformLoad' %>

<%@ include view='wtrsWebAppGAformSubmit' %>

Simple HTML footer stuff:

<%@ include view='wtrsWebAppLegalEN' %>

When I publish and try to access the webapp in a browser, I get this error:

Invalid command: ' include view='wtrsWebAppLegalEN' '.

Invalid command: ' include view='wtrsWebAppAAformLoad' '.

Invalid command: ' include view='wtrsWebAppGAformLoad' '.

SSI-280000 Failure while analyzing document (3 error(s)).

I suspect I could create JS snippets for the analytics scripts and reference them...what is the format for that?

For the HTML, how does one create and reference includes in Campaign Classic