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Block Delivery Execution using SMTP Test


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Hi Team,

I need to test typology rule without actually triggering the delivery So, Can anyone aware with "Test SMTP Delivery" feature in Delivery Properties. I have tested it will not execute the delivery to my mailbox but showing the delivery as sent.

I just want to be double sure before using it to production environment.


Thanks for Help !

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Hi Soura,

I'm unsure why you wouldn't want to execute the delivery? The best way to be sure would be to do so.




Level 2

Thanks Dom, This I have to do because our business users want a reporting done before Going for Delivery execution for Additional typologies based on DB data.


Level 7

Hi Sourabh,

You can enable "confirm the delivery before sending" check in the approvals tab . Launch the delivery to check the analysis in the audit tab where you will get all the details like no of recipients matching the criteria as per the typology and the other rules defined.

Then just stop the delivery (Do not click on confirm unless you are sure to execute).

Hope this helps.



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Thanks Anita for descriptive response But I have already used this approach and there is limitation in my case with this approach is that ,It will stop the transition at delivery only But I need transition to call the reporting workflow that is extarcting data from Recipient exclusion logs table and ACX datasource details insert specific to each file.

Have you ever used this "Test SMTP Delivery" feature of Delivery properties as It is stopping the execution But there will not be any log that will ensure that It's the right approach But using this I am not getting delivery executed in Lower environments.

Thanks Again !