Adobe Campaign Classic Integration with Journey Orchestration




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Here's a walk through of how you can activate Adobe Campaign Classic Message center templates through Journey Orchestration Actions. 


Journey Orchetration and Adobe Campaign Classic.jpeg


Adobe I/O Runtime 

  • Deploy ACC, send transaction Email actions
  • This action is required to transform the JSON payload received and translate it into SOAP API body
  • The response of this call will be the XML response from ACC
  • The Deployment of the action reuses the basic authentication mechanism used by ACC SOAP API calls
  • The instance URL, eventType and email are required fields in the body
  • The ctx object can contain as many attributed for personalization as needed

Journey Orchestration


  • For authentication on the action, select Basic and enter the username and password for the operator with the Message Center Execution rights


  • For Message Parameters, the values may depend on your use case. Below is a example
    "accIntanceURL": "adobeamericas91.adobedemo.com",
    "eventType": {
        "toBeMapped": true,
        "dataType": "string",
        "label": "ACC Event Type"
    "email": {
        "toBeMapped": true,
        "dataType": "string",
        "label": "Email Address"
    "ctx": {
        "firstName": {
            "toBeMapped": true,
            "dataType": "string",
            "label": "First Name"
    • Note accIntanceURL, eventType and email are required fields
    • externalID is an optional key value you can chose to send in
    • the ctx object in the parameter can have as many key value pairs as needed for personalization of the email


  • To use the action in a Journey, drag and drop the action and map the message parameters 



Please feel free to reach if you have any questions thrugh teh below reply/comment section.