Wrong data after exporting report Adobe Campaign Classic



Hii, after creating a report in the configuration section, and adding a query and a page, all worked correctly and i can see the datas that i want. till here things are going so well.

After the export to Excel workbook i start noticing that the datas are wrong, more specifically the dates. the example here is that i wanted take datas from the first of october to the 31, in the reports page of adobe campaign it shows me the field with the date 01/10/2018, after exporting it and opening the excel file, ive the same field with the same datas in it but the date 30/09/2018, i dont know why but all the fields have one day less than the original datas.

My question here how i can edit or see the schema of exporting cause i tried all the possibilities with my query but didnt change anything and the problem is with the Export.

and here is some screen captures to more understand :

1) Report from Adobe Campaign Reports


2) Excel File of the Same Report



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Accepted Solutions (1)





This may be a timezone issue for your operator. Check to make sure that these are all the same:

  • Server timezone (logInfo(execCommand('date +'%:z %Z')[1]) if linux)
  • DB timezone (xtk:option WdbcTimeZone)
  • Operator timezone



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