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Trigger MCID not matching with SourceID column of tracking logs


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I am trying to integrate triggers with Adobe campaign classic and have started receiving events into pipelinevents table in ACC.

I have read the discussion in the forum (Visitor ID, Declared ID, MID, MCID, which one is used for what? ) which mentions that MCID should match with the source column of tracking log.

But the MCID which I received from pipeline trigger events are not matching the sourceID column of tracking log table.

Can you please let me know what I could be doing wrong here or do I need to map my MCID with another field.



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Hi @Naveen, did you manage to resolve this? I would like to do the same and I want to make sure the suggestion on the forum is correct. Was it not matching in all cases or just in some? I think the MCID on Source ID will only populate if the user clicks on the body of the message.. and they might do it from a different device too so there might be differences to your trigger one.