SqlSelect Function Javascript doesn't retrieve above 70000 rows. is that possible?



Hi everyone 


I have this javascript code after an enrichment activity:

// select rows of the last transition
var sql = "SELECT sVin,sMktSale,iCountVehicles,sDayDifference,tsDelivery,coalesce(tsDelivery - lag(tsDelivery) over(partition by sCustomerId order by tsDelivery), 0) as Difference FROM " + vars.tableName; 

var contracts = sqlSelect("resultQuery,@vin:string,@MktSale:string,@CountVehicles:int,@DayDifference:string,@deliveryDate:date,Difference:string", sql); // 

// Iterate each row

for each(var contract in contracts.resultQuery){

  var newString = contract.Difference;
  var sql = "UPDATE "+ vars.tableName + " SET sDayDifference='"+newString.toString()+"' WHERE sVin='"+contract.@vin.toString()+"'";
  //logInfo('Executing '+sql);


the code works only if the enrichment activity has below 70000 rows but if the activity has above 70000 rows the contracts.resultQuery variable print undefined and the update statement doesn't execute.


Could you help me to understand what is the reason? is there a limit of rows to execute that command?


I really appreciate if you could help me.





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Helo @Sinhue ,


I know queryDef is limited to 10000 rows by default. Similarly, I believe sqlSelect is also limited to 70,000 so that you won't run out of memory.


Also, My suggestion would be to use enrichment instead of javascript because it would be more efficient and you won't get this error with enrichment.