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Seed address - pick customers


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Hi all,

I would like to know if Adobe Campaign Classic selects customers for the seed send out from the entire population (target + control group) or just from target group after control group is excluded?

Therefore, on my seed email address I am receiving personalized delivery for random customer  ("Inserting seed addresses into your mailing list lets you be noticed if it is being used by a third-party, as the seed addresses it contains will receive the deliveries sent to your mailing list"). In incoming population I have column X with values and without. Customers with values in that column are my target group, and customer without values  are control group which is excluded in delivery (read from custom db table). After workflow is executed an email was received with one personalization field missing !?

Regarding that empty values are in control group, is that means AC can pick customer for sending to seed address which is part of control group?



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