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Hi team,


Adobe Campaign Classic and Adobe Analytics are connected to Data Connector.


When the e-mail is generated, 'cid' and 'bid' are generated as Query String at the end of every links.
When it is in 'URL + #Id + Query String' order, 'cid' is located between URL ans #Id as followed.
(URL + cid + #Id + Query String)


However, we want the 'cid' parameter should be located at last as followed example.


<Original link> (url + #id + query string) 


<Current: Changed campaign tracking link>,efgh,hijk&cid=A00&bid=B00 


<Current: Link changed after clicking on link above> (url + cid + #id + query string) 

(Do you see the two "?" signs here????)


<Desired formation> (url + #id + query string + cid ) 


When there are two "?" marks in the url, the last one is not captured.
In turn, we want to generate the url as the desired form.


Is there any solution for generating desired formed url?


Please help me figure out how to solve this problem.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hello @Sooin_Jeong ,


While designing the emails you can manually add the links to your CTA button or the sections where you want the link.

The Link should be something like this:


Adobe will automatically detect the presence of ? in the URL and will change the URL to something like this while adding the cid and bid.


And this will be the desired URL.


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Answers (1)






This is by design. Two workarounds:

  • Change your js to read the real query string instead of the pseudo query string
  • Create a page or jssp that re-redirects, transforming query string params to pseudo-qs params, then link to that instead