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Non impersonation Login is not allowed on this instance [Migration of Campaign technical operators to Adobe Developer Console - ACC v8]


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Hi all,


As per a campaign technote posted here: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/campaign/technotes-ac/tn-new/ims-migration.html there are some steps mentioned how we should migrate our technical operators (ones using native authentication, such as webapp, messagecenter, etc.) to the Adobe admin console since the native username/password based authentication will no longer work from build 8.6 onwards. We are preparing for it while we are on build 8.5.2.

The technote mentions that we need to create a project in the adobe developer console, and then use the technical account access token generated as a result in the "Authorization" header of any API request we wish to make towards campaign using a technical operator. https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/campaign/technotes-ac/tn-new/ims-migration.html?lang=en#ims-...

I am following the steps that are necessary, but get the error "Non impersonation Login is not allowed on this instance."

If I do not use the Authorization header, then the API expects the sessiontoken to be present in the request body.


P.S.: I am executing the method xtk:queryDef#ExecuteQuery, as opposed to nms:rtEvent#PushEvent mentioned in the technote example.


Really appreciate if someone has experience with this kind of situation and/or error and can share a resolution.

cc: @Sukrity_Wadhwa (any internal resources around this topic/error?)





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HI @isahore 

On which instance are you issuing the queryDef? Have you modified the permissions on the Client Console of the instance to add the existing permissions of the native user you've used before?

I suspect the technical account does not have the right permission in Campaign Client Console.




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Hi @costa_n11,

Thanks for your response.

I am issuing the request on my marketing instance. I am using the admin product profile in the API configuration and the admin account already exists. Am I missing something?

I did not change any permission on the client console as it is the admin user I am trying with.