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nms:webApp no more managed by operators on 'Delivery operators' group


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after a build update from 8705 to 8936 we discovered that the users on 'Delivery operators' group were not more able to modify the webApplication (nms:webApp) no create not modify and of course not delete an old one, all the actions were working with the old installation, I have already opened a support ticket, but in the mean time I'm looking to a workaround, for example by extending the nms:webApp schema :

Header 1

<srcSchema _cs="Web applications (cus)" created="2019-05-09 10:00:30.208Z" createdBy-id="0"

           desc="Web application definitions" entitySchema="xtk:srcSchema" extendedSchema="nms:webApp"

           img="nms:webApp.png" label="Web applications" labelSingular="Web application"

           lastModified="2019-05-09 15:42:42.443Z" mappingType="sql" md5="4BC46055DB407153DDACE14EDA591AE9"

           modifiedBy-id="0" name="webApp" namespace="cus" xtkschema="xtk:srcSchema">

  <createdBy _cs="Administrator (admin)"/>

  <modifiedBy _cs="Administrator (admin)"/>

  <element desc="Web application definitions" img="nms:webApp.png" label="Web applications"

           labelSingular="Web application" name="webApp">

    <sysFilter _operation="delete" name="writeAccess"/>



the new extended schema let me overcome the issue on creatione and modify a webapplication but I'm still not able to delete an already created webApp from a non admin user, some one know what other change I can try?

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