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Multiple schemas for different type of Recipients


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I have a situation where we need to use 2 different type of Targeting dimensions. One of them is Doctor and other is some general caregiver (who assists aged persons). So do you suggest to create 2 different schemas for these? Here are the different options I thought and pros and cons. So need some expert advice on choosing the best one.

Option 1:

- Create new schema for Doctor and use the Recipient Schema (extend as needed) for Caregiver as Caregivers fields are more similar to existing Recipient Schema

Pros: No need to create 2 schemas

Cons: You have to consider the heavy lifting of creating a new Delivery Mapping for the Doctor to be available in email personalization

Options 2:

- Create 2 new schemas for Doctor and Caregiver

Pros: No unnecessary fields as many of the default Recipient fields are not needed for either of Doc/Caregiver. So limited null values

Cons: Same as option 1 but for both the schemas

Option 3:

- Use the recipient schema to store both Doctor and Caregiver. Use a field to distinguish the type of records

Pros: No need to create a new Delivery Mapping and associated complexity

Cons: There are many distinct fields for Doctor and Caregiver which are not applicable for the other type of record. Thus it will end up having too many null fields for each record. Also for any segmentation you have to run the filtration with the type and then the remaining filtration.

So please share the most optimum option to be used.

Also i will appreciate if someone can share some detail documentation for the Delivery Mapping.

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