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I am working on enabling LDAP on client. So far have been successful with Plain text authentication. When i switch to Plain Text password (TLS/SSL) i am not able to connect and get errors.

Note: We are using port 389

On-Prem deployment


My question is more on if there is additional work needs to be done to use TLS/SSL authentication. LDAP admin has imported the cert into application server. I did not find any further documentation on documentation portal


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Hi Praveen-

When you switch the authentication to 'Plain text password (TLS/SSL)' it is using port 636 automatically.

Make sure port 636 is open.

Also make sure the Operator logging in has 'Use LDAP to verify password' checked.




Is there any documentation of importing the cert from LDAP server into application server? Based on the existing documents and comments on the forum, the setup in deployment wizard is correct. However event logs indicate that there were cert issues. So looking for help identify any documentation on importing the certs into application server.