jssp page as web form POST backend




I need to build a backend to manage the data POST'ed from different web forms and I have made a POC using a jssp page. It's only to receive the action of the forms and return the error management (in JSON), not the actual HTML, etc. It works as expected and gives me the required flexibility and functionality. My question is if you can think of any reason why you would recommend not to use this approach.

Thank in acvance


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Accepted Solutions (1)



Once we realized we could do this we have implemented it for many cases.

ACC is pretty much built on JSSP.

The only reason not to use this is that it is all custom code for each platform you are supporting. While a lot can be templated it will take an advanced user to create and support. It's not super scalable. But it helps to get data in real time. The only data we post to AC is for real-time communication based on the event. Like a sign-up. All other events get posted to Analytics where we can reuse that data through the Genesis connector down the road if we want.

The advanced Tips and tricks video from July 19, 2017 has an Adobe Manager walking through the pros and cons of the JSSP. He was super helpful. I email him regularly for advice.

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