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Journey AI Integartion in Adobe Campaign Classic v7 & v8


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Hi Team,


Please give more details on Journey AI whether it supports Adobe Campaign classic v7 & v8. If not,what is the alternate solution we can look into Adobe campaign classic to implement  Send-time Optimization and  Engagement Scoring.


Thank you


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Hello @Arthi, i did once implemented send time optimization but it was not AI.


  • We did the send time optimization with correlation analysis of send times and opens. You look if there is any relationship between send time and open. 
    //Convert the date and time information into a format suitable for analysis. 
    //For example, you can represent the time of day as the number of minutes since midnight.
    var emailData = [
    { sendTime: 8 * 60, open: 1 }, // Email sent at 8:00 AM and opened
    { sendTime: 9 * 60, open: 0 }, // Email sent at 9:00 AM and not opened
    { sendTime: 10 * 60, open: 1 }
    // ... (more data)
    functions to calculate correlations
    Best send time: 10:00
    Correlation for the best send time: 0.8579616512303485
  • Same you can come up with engagement scoring.


Ask GPT on both and how to implement them in JS ES5