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How to resolve time zone error while connecting External account MYSQL Data base in adobe Campaign classic client console


Level 2

Hi Team,

I am getting below error while trying to connect with external account MYSQL Database.

"MYS-230000 MYSQL error 1298:Unknown or incorrect timezone:"

MySQL Database server is with time zone (GMT-05:00)Est(united states and Canada).

Could you please suggest how to fix the issue.



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Level 3

What is the value of the Option variable : WdbcTimeZone ?


Level 2

Hi Amritakedia, The value for WDB-200001 SQL statement 'SET time_zone='America/New_York'' .


Yes its not resolving to WDB time zone.


Thanks Vinaya


Level 1

Hi @vinayababu, Was this resolved? Can you help me with this?

I remember someone telling me that zoneinfo.zip to be modified [or] xtk:commons:timezone needs to be changed before the server loads. but I'm unable to remember it clearly.