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How to create custom report where some of its columns will be dynamically created?


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Hi Team,

We are capturing survey responses in Adobe Campaign Classic v7. The responses are captured in a schema in the below format(The survey results with the ID end up in a schema separate from the recipients making it very hard to see who completed the survey):-

Survey ID
Recipient IDQuestion IDQuestionsResponse IDResponses

Do you like us?

survey-1rid1q2Do we have competitive advantage?r2Yes
survey-1rid2q1Do you like us?r1No
survey-1rid2q2Do we have competitive advantage?r2No

Which products do you most like?


What product features do you like best?

survey-2rid1q3How reliable is our product?r3very
survey-2rid2q1Which products do you most like?r1pdt2
survey-2rid2q2What product features do you like best?r2feature2
survey-2rid2q3How reliable is our product?r3can't say

Now we have to generate a report per survey which needs to have all survey questions as columns and all recipient details and responses in rows.

Report format:-

RecipientIDSurvey IDDo you like us? or q1Do we have competitive advantage? or q2
rid1survey-1Yes or r1Yes or r2
rid2survey-1No or r1Yes or r2

We have tried to build custom report but we are stuck on how to put questions and responses as separate columns as they are dynamic and different for different surveys.

Any pointers will be appreciated.

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Hi Prateek,

I also have a same scenario to do in custom report where some of my db rows has to be put as columns in report and wondering over it. Could you please let me know the solution if you had successfully generated this report??